Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas Stockings, round 2

So today I tried to be crafty. I really really did, and I succeeded a little bit.

This morning I threw a load of pre-stitched fabric in the washer for it's prewash, as well as my kids' coats they covered in sidewalk chalk, and my favorite jeans. All came out out well, but I really should have done this yesterday since I had to putz around (i.e. get my sewing bag packed) until the washer was done so I could swap things over to the dryer and run upstairs to get my shower. Yes, again, things I should have done yesterday.
So, me and my Stitchin' Bitches (a name my mother actually came up with) got together today for part 2 of out monthly sewing date to continue working on Christmas stockings. Well, they got there at 9am (we met at Amber's House), and I was there at 9:15. I had enough time to drop my stuff off, give hugs, and then right back out the door I went and back tracked my way past my house and the the boys' school to pick up one of my boys for his dental check-up. I was later than I wanted to be so he was already in Fine Arts, so the lady in the front office had to call around to a few classrooms to find him. Once she found him it took what seems like forever for him to get to the front office. We back track past our house and Amber's house to go to the dentist office. He had a great check-up (was more well-behaved than many adults) and ending up only having a tiny cavity on his already loose baby tooth, so no big deal. So, back to school he goes (passing Amber's house and my house on the way). Drop him off and then I get the task of swinging by Mom's house to get the snacks she wanted to bring to our sewing date at Amber's. Good thing Mom lives right around the corner from me. So, I swing by and pick those up and get back to Amber's house. Whew! Finally!

Got set up, got something cut out, and Amber's machine starts jacking things up.
Re-thread. Try on test fabric. Good.
**skippy stitches*** on project.
Change thread from cotton/poly hand quilting to polyester. Try on test fabric. Good.
**skippy stitches*** on project.
Bring out the screwdrivers and sewing machine oil. Do a quick once over. Good.
Try on test fabric. Good.
**skippy stitches*** on project
ARGH! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Vile machine!
"Try changing the needle, it may be too big," suggests Mom.
Change needle from 14 to 10. Size 14 needle was facing the wrong direction (flat was not to the back).
**head desk**
Try on test fabric. Good.
**sews nicely on project**

So, yep, I should have made myself a super hero cape. Well, maybe.

So, the Christmas stocking I was working on today was a white vintage Christmas fabric quilted onto white felt. I'm not even halfway done yet, but I'm pretty impressed with the results. If I would have used batting too it would have been much cuter.

We took a break for lunch after 1pm, and the next thing I know it's 2:10pm and I have to pack up and head home since the boys' get home from school between 2:35pm and 2:45pm. As promised, I checked over their folders and agendas, saw all was in order and they brought home everything they needed, so it was out for ice cream we went before we started homework.

Now, here it is 9pm. I'm sitting here on my couch listening to my husband's video game and trying to muster the motivation to go iron and fold the fabrics I pulled out of the dryer this morning. I'm babysitting again tomorrow (and the boys' have a half day), so we'll see if my machine even gets unpacked let along plugged in before I'm off on Thursday.

Until next time...


Mrs.C. said...

Can't wait to see the finished fabric. (I often forget to change the needle when I change a project. Don't beat yourself up.)

Yvonne said...

I don't think I have ever thought about having the needle in backwards, but the next time mine acts up, it will be the first thing I check! I had a great time!!! xoxo