Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veteran's Day!

I am a veteran. My husband is a veteran. My husband and I both come from families of veterans.
My husband and I were both in the Air Force, which is how we met. We didn't work together, so there was no conflict of interest. The way we met was through a mutual friend since he and I were in different squadrons. We've been together for 8 years as of December 1st.

My mom was in the Navy. So I was a Navy Brat for a few years. My step-dad was in the Air Force for 23 years, and retired January 1st this year.

My mom's parents were both in the Air Force, which is how they met. My grandfather had fallen down a flight of stairs (he worked in Air Traffic Control) and my grandmother was one of the nurses that took care of him. They married shortly after.

My husband's mom was in the Army. My husband's dad was in the Marine Corps.

I have an aunt and 2 uncles (both on Mom's side) that were also in the Navy. My uncles both retired after 20+ years.

My husband has uncles that were in the Marine Corp too, and his grandfather (his mom's dad) was also in the military (I think the Army).

So, as a veteran and a member of family of veterans, I say to you: Happy Veterans Day!

My kids know about Veteran's Day and they know about the veterans in their family. When they popped out of their beds this morning there were shouts of "It's Friday!" "Happy Veteran's Day!". So, I asked the boys, "Do you know what to do when you meet a veteran?". "No ma'am," is the response I got. I said, "You shake their hand and you say 'Thank you for your service to our country'." So thinking they would do that at school today, I was surprised when my 8 year old said "Hey Mom!" and stuck his hand out for a handshake. I shook his hand and he proudly said "Thank you for your service Mommy!". Things that make you go "Awwwww".

Here's some picture of me and my vet when we were in Basic Training. He went in January 2001 and I went in November 2001.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, have a good laugh at those BCGs (Birth Control Glasses)

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