Thursday, May 29, 2014

I'm back to sewing thanks to The Doll Wardrobe's contest

I can't believe that it has been close to a year since I updated this blog! Oh where to start....

Well, to explain my absence. I've been putting A LOT of work into my paper crafting. Specifically making card kits for Make and Takes at my LSS. My LSS closed in December, so we've been doing all of our regular activities in the massive studio of a friend. When I make a card kit, I make it suitable for Operation Write Home (check out the link). I am now the coordinator for my local OWH group, so I am in charge of getting donations, scheduling card drives, and shipping the cards to HQ. 

As far as fabric goes, I'm still working on transferring my fabric from boxes to filing cabinets. So far I have 3 filing cabinets full, but I still have a lot of boxes to empty. So far it looks like I will need about 3-4 more filing cabinets. As I am going through my fabric I am actually getting rid of some. Not a lot, but a few pieces here and there.  Hi, I'm Jenifer and I am a fabric addict.

So, now to what got me back into sewing.

I've participated in The Doll Wardrobe's Fashion Design Challenge a few times now, and when they posted the contests for this year, I knew I had to participate. The theme is Meet Outfit, and after some thought I opted to do a modern outfit instead of a historical. I was inspired by my 11 year old son and his favorite outfit. Check out the album here and then vote here.

My sewing machine has a permanent home on my desk, so I'm hoping if I stare at it enough I will be encouraged to sew more. I miss it, but I've been spoiled by card making since they go together quicker and I can take them to crops to work on them.

Until next time.....