Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Two new items - 1970's Button Down Shift Dresses

Button Down Shift Dresses! How 70's is that? In a Sew-a-Long challenge on one of my online American Girl collector forums a pattern was chosen, and we all took it from there. Here's my results:

Made of polyester, it came out really snug in the hips, even after I took out the darts. Nicki is one of my slimmest dolls, with a 12" circumference at the top of her leg openings.

This one I made out of cotton, did a single fold on the front closure and left out the darts, and it fits Molly (my biggest girl) just fine, except there is some extra room in the chest, so I could have used the dart, but only about halfway done the original dart measurement.

I haven't listed them for sale yet since I'm still working on the descriptions, but they're available and will be listed soon (unless someone buys them before I can list them, which would save my hands from typing).

Until next time...
(zig-zag stiching)

Monday, August 17, 2009

It's been a while, but it was worth the wait

Things have been so busy! We got all moved in to our new tiny home, and I have a room just for me to have my dolls, sewing stuff, and other craft stuff. I love it! It's not in a high traffic area like the dining room anymore, and even though it's small it's very cozy.
I found my camera cord today, and was able to get all of the before, during, and after photos done. The only things missing are a new wall segment and a short shelf, but overall my room is set up like I want.
Here's the album:
New Doll Room

Warning: Yes, there are nude dolls pictured, but it's only temporary due to the move, and they were dressed in time for the final picture. :)

Other news in Gomunk Creations...
My birthday is next month, but my sweet husband bought my traditional birthday present early (like every year). She's in the album, hiding towards the end of the mantle.

I was able to start and complete two 1970's inspired button down shift dresses. Pictures soon, I promise.

Until next time,
(twin needle stitching)