Thursday, November 10, 2011

Catching up my blog and my sewing (pic heavy)

Here's the truth: I haven't been blogging because I have barely been sewing.
September and October were filled with sewing for three Costume Swaps (AG over 18, AG Playthings, and The AG Dollhouse). Here's what I made:

For my assignment on AG Over 18, this is Kaylee the mechanic from the series Firefly and movie Serenity. 
Here's the inspiration:

For AG Playthings I made Mulan's training ao and I also made her guardian Mushu:


My clay skills are more geared towards doll scaled food, but I don't think I did too terribly bad on Mushu:
He broke during the baking process, so I have to glue his legs, tail, and butt back on. His head is where I think my best work. I could not get his arms to work for me, and once he was done baking I got the wonderful idea that I should have used toothpicks as armature for him. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20.

For The AG Dollhouse, it was pretty easy. Well, the idea was easy. The fabric, well, it was knit, so it presented a challenge. I overcame the challenge brought on by the knits fabrics, and cranked out not one, but three Star Trek uniforms.

(Please excuse the organized chaos that is my sewing bookshelf.) 
We have Security in red (you never want to wear a red shirt when being beamed down to a planet), Science and Medical in blue, and Command in yellow/gold (funky shade of green funky fabric in The Original Series). Oh, and the badges are accurate to the show:

Inspiration came from The Original Series (that I haven't watched) and the Star Trek movie that was released in 2009 (they have an unnamed sequel coming out next year according to
The Original Series (with Shatner and Nemoy)

Star Trek 2009 (I love Simon Pegg! Great casting decision!)

In other sewing news, I've made a dog coat (last month):

to match this car (race simulator now):

And my most current project (as in the day before yesterday):

I made it with my Cricut. Well, I cut the Christmas tree out of the fabric with my Cricut, ironed the fabric to the felt stocking I made, and then applique stitched around the Christmas tree negative. The Christmas tree that was cut out is on another stocking that is in the process:

Oh, and in non-sewing related crafty news, I took a painting class at a local shop called Bottles N Brushes, and I made this:

It's acrylic on canvas. I plan on making the dress out of silk (I have the perfect polka dot silk in mind) and tulle; doll scale of course.

In Scrapbooking, I scraplifted (ever so slightly) a layout to make this: 

And then I made Turkey themed Artist Trading Cards (ATCs):
(Yes, that's real machine stitching you see there)

And this ATC, from one Tim Holtz stamp:

This 8x8 layout was part of a challenge one crop night (the week before Halloween). Pick a Teresa Collins Halloween paper, a random Halloween paper, a random embellishment, and a Halloween sticker and make a layout with it all.
I'm still not happy with mine, but everybody else loved it.

Oh, and the theme for October's ATCs was breast cancer awareness. My boss and I worked on the idea of this one together, and it is pretty dang awesome:
The ta-tas are part of a small pom-pom trim. The background is camo fabric adhered to plain white cardstock and then spritzed with Glimmer Mist.

This was a quick personal challenge with the new Fall seasonal Tim Holtz Distress Inks and some $1 Halloween stamps:
The witch and the trim at the bottom are from the same wide ribbon that was in my boss's ribbon stash.

This is the last real and completed layout I made (August):
My ultrasound from when I was pregnant with Noah, my youngest, who is now 6. I think it needs a little ink on the yellow letters to help them "pop" a little bit.

Okay, that's it, I'm all caught up now. If you've made it this far in my post, I appreciate it. :)
Now, to attack my sewing table since it is covered with so much stuff that I can't see the top of the table. Eeek!

Until next time....

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