Monday, November 14, 2011

New fabrics and finishing projects

So yesterday, I finally got around to plugging in my sewing machine after taking it to my LSS to sew stocking last week. What helps get me motivated? Loud music. When I have the house to myself, I crank up Slacker Radio ( on my husband's computer (it's in the center of the house and has a nice sound system) so I can hear throughout the whole house and get to work. If the kids and hubby are home, I turn on the Slacker Radio app on my phone and use my headphones.

After plugging in my sewing machine I finished putting the Velcro on the orange dog jacket I made (I'm still unsure if I want to add the number 20 on the back), fixed a zipper seam for one of my neighbors, and pre-stitched a bunch of fabric (two trips to the fabric store worth) so I can pre-wash it. I also finished crocheting a granny square blanket for the little girl I babysit. It's going to be an early Christmas present.

I have yet to start sewing any doll clothes since the outfits I made for the three costume swaps. I'm just not motivated right now. I set aside a few outfits that have been sitting in my Etsy shop, and they are headed to some charity gift baskets for little girls all over the country thanks to two American Girl collector message boards I frequent. The gift baskets we do are near and dear to my heart since my mother and I were recipients of a Secret Santa once year when I was a kid.

Well, it's off to wash the new fabric. I wonder if they'll inspire me....

Until next time...

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