Monday, September 5, 2011

Halloween is right around the corner (and so is my birthday)

Oh September, I've missed you! As I said last September, this is my favorite month of the year. This year has 3 added bonuses. 
1. My Seester is coming into town for a week (she's the one I road-tripped with/moved to Denver in November).
2. Me, Momma, and said Seester have a spa day planned at the Sanctuary Spa on Kiawah Island.
3. One of my cousins is getting married (albeit on my grandma's birthday which is the day after mine, thus fore it kind of throws a small wrench in my birthday weekend plans, but hey, I'll make it to the wedding and every where else I plan to go that weekend.

I'm participating in two costume swaps this season, and I already have one of my assignments, so I am currently working on that one. I started it yesterday and will be finished with it tonight. It's brocade, so I want to finish it as soon as possible since it frays like crazy. My saying today has been "Oh brocades, why must we have such a love/hate relationship? I love the way you look but I hate the way you fray."

Cheesy, I know, but it explains my feelings about that type of fabric.

I'm still working on curtains for everybody else, and will eventually get back to the curtains for my room and the boys' room. 

So yep, that's what I'm up to in the sewing room.