Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Vendor Booth and PDR: Final Round

Today I signed up for a Vendor Booth at my local Scrapbooking store, Charleston Scrapbooking. I'm so excited! I'll be there all day Saturday with my inventory, my sewing machine, and I'm even going to have a design contest for a chance to win a free Gomunk Creation. I'll see how well this contest plays out locally, and if all goes well I'll do it again for my online fans.
My outfit for the final round of Project Doll Runway is coming along pretty well, and I'm working on the finishing touches this week and it will be available for sale at my booth on Saturday.
So, my laptop is dying, and I'm off to bed. Lots to do tomorrow and Friday...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

PDR Round 3

The challenge: take an awful outfit from AG (Oh, there are so many to chose from), and make it into something better. There is a twist: keep 3 elements of the original outfit.
Well, here's what I came up with...
The original: 1996 First Day Outfit
Go ahead and shudder. What was AG thinking? Yes, I know it was 1996, but it was just as ugly then as it is now.
So, here is how I remade it:

Ta-Da! The three elements I kept: black, turquoise, and stripes.
I made the pants and jacket in denim, since anything denim was the trend in the mid-90's. The original pants where knit and the jacket was fleece. It originally had a horizontal striped tee, but I opted for a silky vertical striped tank.
Here's the album with a few more pictures:

The final round is Formal Season, and is due May 1st. I'm glad of that since I am having nasal surgery tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be back to the computer and the sewing machine in a couple of days.