Thursday, December 3, 2009

We're back! Sort of...

As we settle into our new place, it's been a little lonely without my internet. They came out yesterday to do the cable and internet and my first thought was "We're back baby!" courtesy of Futurama's Bender the Robot.
We've moved everything over except my sewing desk and a few random boxes. Everything has found a home except for my dolls and sewing stuff. I have two closets to hold my fabric stash, so that was the easy part. While we have more square footage it's the lack of an extra room that has proven difficult to me. At our home in North Carolina I used the dining room (since we didn't use it to dine in), then the extra bedroom, and then back to the dining room. Here, we actually use the dining room area, so that's out of the equation. There is a little cut out section in our bedroom, between the side of the closet and the wall with the windows that is a temporary doll area for now. I set up all of the doll beds and unpacked all of my dolls, but that's as far as I've gotten. How do you cram a bedroom full of dolls, doll stuff, sewing stuff, fabric, and scrapbooking stuff into such a small area? I'm thinking of setting up some doll scenes around the house: the doll dining room on a shelf in the dining room, the doll living room on the extra end table in the living room, etc.
We'll see how I get everything set up, and I'll be sure to post pictures of my dolls' new space. Hopefully I'll get my sewing desk moved over and set up soon since I haven't sewn since Halloween. A whole month without sewing!
Until next time....
(hopefully sewing soon)