Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I finally started on a Harry Potter robe

That's right, the movie comes out in like 2 weeks, and I just now started on the only Harry Potter robe I plan on making until the Halloween season.
My hands have been hurting a lot lately, and even though I've tried alternating between using them and letting them rest, the pain is constant. I guess I can stop being a little stubborn (HA!) and start using my sleeping braces again and start a religious Ibuprofen regimen, but we'll see. I'm not a natural remedy kind of person, but I do not like having to take pills. I'm more of a "grin and bear it" and "walk it off" kind of person. For my boys however, hugs and kisses (and bandaids) still seem to make everything better.
I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but I'll go ahead and mention it now. I suffer from Anxiety and Depression. I had a breakdown right before Halloween last year, and have been on medication since. I have an anti-depressant and a mood stabilizer. Last Sunday I decided I was done relying on those pills, and I didn't like the constant fatigue and lack of interest in my hobbies. Well, that went okay for a few days, and then I had a rough few days. Last night I decided to go back to my mood stabilizer. Fingers crossed that this helps me feel better and doesn't hinder my creativity.
I could honestly sit down and complete a Harry Potter robe in a day, but the motivation and the desire and just hard to muster, and my hands and back cause me to take frequent breaks. I'm not even 30 years old yet, and I already feel like an old lady (no offense to the older ladies out there). I plan to continue sewing, even into my old age whether my body likes it or not. I plan to eventually open my own doll clothes store front (complete with matching girl and doll clothes, girl and doll dressing rooms, and bolts of fabrics and an outfit catalog for special orders. That's not for probably another 20 years, but hey, a girl can dream right?
I'm still scrapbooking and paper crafting. On Friday night I attended the first Friday Night Crop in the new Scrap, Stamp, Ink. The only supplies I took were my basics: my tools, my inks, and my solid cardstock packs. I had no project in mind, I just wanted to play. I did the same thing recently at another local scrapbook store, Stickled Pink. I wasn't as successful that night I was this past Friday night. One of the designers had directions for a pocket album, and the directions were a bit of a pain in the neck, but between 4 of us, we got through it. I do not have a picture of mine, but I used the same paper stack as the designer that brought the directions, and this is what she came up with: Deb's Paper Journey

Well, it's off to give the kids a bath and put them to bed. It may be Summer vacation for them, but we're keeping hem on the same sleep schedule (as far as bedtime goes) since Jim still works his early day shift and I'm still babysitting the cuteness known as Madison during the week.

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kizzie said...

Jen, I feel for you. I am going through the exact same thing, but no pills. I see a psychologist and in the last year have lost 3/4 of my hair. My hair is down to my bum, so it is drastic for me to lose my hair. I have not been on anti-depressants for years, but my doctor is doing natural therapy for my anxiety and panic attacks. This all started with my car accident 3 years ago, so I know exactly what you are going through with the loss of interest in your hobbies. (((HUGS)))