Friday, June 10, 2011

First sale in months

So, even though I haven't been sewing a lot lately, I decided to update my Etsy shop with the rest of my inventory. Well, about an hour after I listed the Godfather costume from The Nutcracker, it sold! It was my first sale in months! Well, my first creation I've sold in months. The last thing I sold was at the Charleston Scrapbooking Craft Fair, and before that there were a few things I sold on consignment at the same store.
Sadly, Charleston Scrapbooking closed it's doors at the end of May. The owner has opened a new and smaller business closer to her house (which means it's closer to mine too), so I still have a place I can scrapbook. Wednesday night was my first visit to the new store, and man, I'm loving the 5 minute commute. Once the weather isn't so flippin' hot, I could probably walk there. I'm not sure about the walking though since I live off Main St. and the shop is right off the Bypass. We'll see.
This week I've spent cleaning up my craft area and organizing my doll stuff that I brought down and unpacked on Saturday. I have to say it's kind of nice to know when I'm looking for a blanket I can look in the Bedroom Stuff box and find it. I also am working on setting up two displays. I still have my vintage kitchen set up on my baker's rack in the hallway, but it's been piled up with so much random doll stuff that I need to clear it up. I did finish my other display which is a dining room scene. It sits on the end table in my living room, right next to the front door. I will leave my dolls out of the displays, an they will continue to be stored upstairs on the totally awesome bunkbed set my dad made for me.


Melissa said...

Congrats on your sale and organizing. My mom and I really need to work on better organizing our craft supplies.

Aurora said...

Congratulations on your sale!

It's really difficult to keep craft areas clean, I think. At least, I always have trouble with mine as well. I think sometimes it can be that creative inspires a little chaos - too bad that it's not often the other way around!