Thursday, June 2, 2011

I've been crafting in my new craft area, sorta

Since I last posted, I've been trying to be creative in my newly revamped craft space. Well, so far my new arrangement functions much better than any other arrangement, but I'm still not being as crafty as I'd like to be.
I've worked on a couple of scrapbook pages at the last crop I attended. A couple of weeks ago I helped a neighbor with her display board for a science project, and thanks to my awesome Cricut skills, I'm pretty sure she got an A.
For sewing, I participated in AG Playthings Spring Sewing Swap. My recipient wanted something for 1864 Addy; something she would wear as a teenager (her character is 9 or 10). So, since Addy is dark skinned, and it's a Spring swap, I immediately thought of yellow. I made a piped dress, petticoat, and a hoop skirt.
Check out my awesome sewing skills and poor photography skills at the same time.
With flash

Without flash

Close up of piping and buttons (and the closest color match to what the dress actually looks like)


Side view of the hoopskirt (and my dolls poor posture)

Front view of the hoopskirt.

Last night I forced myself to be crafty and pulled out my "In progress" box. I had a fleece backed doll quilt I had almost finished, so I finished it, and it looks cute if not straight stripes and wavy quilting are your thing. I do not have a picture of it at the moment, but it's super cute I promise. Green stripes, blue stripes, and black stripes, oh  my!

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