Saturday, June 4, 2011

Actually playing with my doll stuff, sort of

A year ago the two neighbor girls moved out of state to stay with their dad for a year. Since they were the ones who used my doll stuff, and I needed the space, I packed up all of my doll stuff and put it away a few months ago. Well today, we have them over to play, and I dragged out all (except 3) boxes of doll stuff for them to play with and told them they could take over my kitchen, dining room, and half of the hallway.
Here are the boxes on my dining room table before we unpacked them:

And here is a picture of them playing. It was two of my boys and 4 girls.

And after about 2 hours, they were done, and cleaned it all up all by themselves without me reminding them:

They had fun. It was nice to see my doll stuff being enjoyed since I barely touch it anymore. I still buy stuff I find in doll scale, but since I haven't been sewing as much and I don't have the display space anymore, it hardly gets touched.
I love that when I tell the girls where I get some of the stuff I can see their faces light up like "Oh wow, I didn't think about that!". I think their moms are going to come after me when the girls start begging to go to World Market to get doll kitchen stuff. :)

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