Monday, April 18, 2011

We have a winner!

So, Sunday night, once the craft fair was over, I had The Mom pull a card out of the jar. Our craft fair will is Denise Kelly. Her orange mu-mu is ready and waiting at Charleston Scrapbooking.

Now, for our online winner...

Melissa W. with Cherished Playtime!

Congrats winners!

Now, this week and next week will be filled with listing the remainder of my inventory on my Etsy shop, and revamping my sewing/dining room again.
Tomorrow, Amber and I are helping Mom revamp her craft space so that it works better for her, and then we are moving on to my place to do the same thing for me.Yes, I said it. My newest set up just isn't working, and right now it's looking like the sewing desk is going to go into storage. Not the sewing machine, just the sewing desk. I've almost cleared off my bookshelves upstairs and pack up most of my doll displays, and I'm playing on bringing the bookshelves downstairs and putting them on either sides of my dining room table after I extend it with the leaves. I'm planning on one shelf for my sewing stuff and one shelf for my scrapbooking stuff. My fabric and notions are still upstairs and will stay there. A lot of my scrapbooking stuff is still in the pantry (right off my my dining room) and it will stay in there, but get reorganized. Fingers are crossed that this idea works!

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