Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday! One week into the April giveaway!

It's Friday again! One week until the Craft Fair at Charleston Scrapbooking. Yay!
I've been working hard on getting some more outfits done. This weekend I'm concentrating on some basic button up shirts to go with the pleated wrap skirts I have already made. I'm trying a princess seamed shirt this time. Fingers crossed it comes out as cute as I hope.
In other sewing, I've been working on upcycling some PJ pants into doll clothes. I just love the prints! There are a lot of plaids, and one even has hibiscus flowers (going to make a Hawaiian shirt for Kanani with this one). I've already upcycled part of one pair into a pair of PJ pants (they came out too snug in the hips, so they are more suited for an OG doll rather than an AG doll) and a school jumper for Molly. The blouse is regular broadcloth and will get buttons down the front before next weekend.

And here are some outfits I've worked on since my last picture post.

Okay, I guess outfit. I thought I had sewn more than that. I guess with all of the craziness it just seems like I've been sewing a lot when in truth it's been a little bit a few days a week. Hmph. I work well under deadline, and my husband is going to help me cut stuff out (I trace it and he cuts it). I would like to get another historical outfit done before the craft fair too. I'm thinking a short sleeved version of Kirsten's school dress since it will work for Kirsten and Addy. 
It looks like this:

This is the long sleeve (aka original) version:

So, that's what I've done, and that's what I have planned for the next seven days. Remember to get your comments in before the contest ends! Enter here and/or here.

Until next time...

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Mrs.C. said...

Very nice work, Gomunk. I love the plaid jumper and blouse. (Something I wore to school... long ago) Both the outfits for Kirsten and Addy are sweet. I love the colors and front pleats on the bodices.
Nice job... and I like that DH is helping you cut things out.

^j^ Mrs.C.