Monday, April 11, 2011

Few days until Craft Fair and one week until contest ends!

The craft starts Friday!
Yes, Friday!
As in a few days from today!
And dang it, now I have that silly Rebecca Black song stuck in my head.

So, yesterday I picked up my inventory from Charleston Scrapbooking, where I have them available for "in person" sale as consignment (the store gets a small percentage of the profit). I like that people have the opportunity to see my creations in person when they buy them. That's the only bad thing about selling mostly online.
Last night I went through all of my creations and put them all on new hangers (that I picked up last weekend at the Flowertown Festival). I'm also going through and redoing my price tags and pricing my newest creations, which is where I'm at today.

I still have a small box that has some creations in it that won't fit on hangers. I have a different display rack that I'm going to use at the craft fair so all of my outfits won't be bunched together like they are right now. I have three more things cut out that I need to get sewn this week too.

Next week is Spring Break for my kids. I'm going to be listing anything left form the craft fair into my Etsy shop and starting on some more creations (like Harry Potter robes since the second part of the final movie comes out this Summer).

Until next time...

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