Tuesday, October 5, 2010

And we have a winner!

Yes, I know it's a couple of days late, but we've selected a winner. To make up for being late, we're selecting two winners. One from the blog and one from our Facebook fan page.
Blog winner: Laura (Sophie Amelie)
Facebook Winner: Patricia P.

Now, the outfits are not complete yet, and as it nears Halloween I've got a special order I need to finish first, but I can give you a sneak peek of the outfits since they are already cut out.

Yep, straight from the cutting board. The outfit on the left is a print dress, solid jacket, reversible hat, and solid bag with print accent. The outfit on the right is a solid dress, print jacket, reversible hat, and print bag with solid accent.

Congrats to the winners! For those who didn't win, have no worries, I am planning another giveaway for Spring.

Until next time...


beast'sbelle said...

Congrats to the winners! The dresses are going to be great. :)

Sophie Amélie said...

Oh, I'm one of the winners?! I don't normally win too many things, so I'm quite surprised. Thank you so much for having this contest!

The dresses look lovely so far. I love the fabrics you've chosen. :)

(By the way, I'm PrincessRuthie on the boards, in case you were wondering.)