Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm a slacker, baby...

Holy cow! 8 more days until the end of my September contest. And what have I done as far as the outfit goes? Cut out all of the solid pieces, and traced a few of the print pieces. And my sewing machine? Well, it's not gathering dust, but that is only because it's still in my rolling tote that I take to my scrapbooking crops.
My sewing desk has become quite a "catch all" and I had to dig through the stuff on top of it to get to my camera charger yesterday. Oy!
I've revamped my sewing room/dining room again. I changed dining room table and chairs to something less bulky and I wouldn't trip over, plus removed a desk that was more in the way than it was helpful. And have I sat down to actually use my sewing desk? No.
I am frustrated with the fact that I planned all these sewing projects once the kids started school, and I've completed one thing since then, and that was the Elizabeth outfit I sent off in the AG Playthings Summer Sewing Swap last month. That PDR Round 4 dress? Yeah, still almost done. I made the sash, but haven't sewn it to the dress yet. I did make a petticoat for it though, but I don't like it because I think it needs to be poofier (yes, poofier is a real word in the crafting world, just like pastely and thing-a-ma-jig). I still need to make the last two of three puckers in the back of the skirt, and finally add the snaps closures to the back of the bodice. My DollDuds polo shirt? Yep, halfway done. Waiting for a sleeve, then side seam, and Velcro.
Yes, I am the Princess of Procrastination, and lastly I've felt like the Mistress of No Motivation.
Half of my doll items are packed away because I no longer have the room to have my doll displays set up. All of my dolls are still out and about, but most of them are confined to the doll bunkbed (that my dad made for me) I have in my upstairs hallway. My Addy is still in North Carolina with Buddy Holly, and I hope she's enjoying her trip. She's been up there for over a year now, so when she gets back she'll have a couple of new faces to meet. Since she's been up there I've picked up some new dolls and also sold two to a mom for her two daughters. The mom wasn't able to pay me before her daughters headed off to stay with their dad for a year, so I let the girls have them early, and I'm still hoping the mom comes through with her end of the deal so I can use that money to buy Lanie from American Girl since I used my "Girl of the Year as a birthday present from my hubby" on Elizabeth since she is archiving and may sell out closer to Christmas where as the Girl of the Year Lanie should make it until sometime in December.
Speaking of American Girl... Mild mannered me (stop laughing) got a little short with their Customer Service today. It seems they have switched from shipping with UPS to shipping with FedEx. I loathe FedEx. In all of my years of retail, plus my years of online purchases, FedEx has always topped my list as Worst Delivery Company. I've had them throw boxes at my door at home, I've dealt with their rude delivery guys, and watching the way they've handling their boxes have me want to yell "Have some respect for that! It belongs to somebody and I've sure somebody paid for it with their hard earned money!" Anyways, after my rant about not liking FedEx, the customer service person informed me that since it was being shipped FedEx Smartpost, it would be handed to the US Postal System sometime, and would take another day or two. That would be all  fine and dandy if I had a mail person like my last one in North Carolina, or even the one my mom (who lives around the corner) has. But no, I am blessed to have a moron for a mailman. Ugh! I politely (okay, not really, but in my defense I could have been worse about it) told the customer service person that I expected to have to call them again once my package arrived to let them know it was damaged. Am I being pessimistic? Probably. I like to think I'm preparing myself for the worst, that way if it's not damaged, I'll feel better and FedEx and my mailman might actually earn themselves a cardboard cookie. My reason for calling American Girl today? To find out why it took two days for my box to travel an hour and a half drive. Seriously? It's an hour and a half by car to go from Middleton, WI (right outside Madison, WI) to where it was last scanned this morning at New Berlin (seriously?), WI which is right outside Milwaukee, WI. **sigh** Maybe I'm just looking for something to fuss about or maybe I'm getting tired of being too nice. I'm too nice to some folks and rude to those who truly deserve it, but I'd like to find a happy medium, you know?
I miss sewing.
I have done a couple of scrapbooking pages since I last posted, but I think I only have a (poor) picture of one layout.
Dylan when he was learning to crawl.

So, here it is 9:30pm now. The kids are in bed, and the house is quiet. I need to go sew, but need to clear off the dining room table and my sewing desk off first. Ugh! I miss my old sewing rooms. :'-(
Oh well, off to make the best of what I've got. Wish me luck, I'm going in.................


beast'sbelle said...

I'm so happy to hear that your house and personality sound a lot like mine!! :) I have very organized friends who are all completely caught up on their scrapbooks (as in, they have pics in there from a month ago!)and have pristine houses (seriously, can't they be a little more human...or at least pretend so that I feel better?), and one of them even homeschools her daughter on top of everything! Then there's me...well, maybe we just shouldn't go there. Anyway, it was encouraging to hear that I'm not alone! :) It would help if I didn't have so many things I'm interested in.
I heartily agree with you on American Girl's switch to Fed Ex! Of course, I am a little bit biased because my hubby works for UPS. It's painful thinking of all the AG sales that UPS is missing out on.

Yvonne said...

Well Said Doodlebug!!!! You really are my minie me!!! xoxox