Saturday, October 23, 2010

Three posts this week!

Three posts in one week! Wow! Now, don't get too used to it.
Today's post is about the things I made at a 60 hour Save The Ta-Ta's Crop at my LSS (local scrapbook store). I worked the 9pm-9am shifts Friday and Saturday nights. The first night this is what I what I got done:
My first thing for myself, an apron (yeah, I'm rocking an apron and arthritis gloves)
I made this using a pattern I picked up over the summer. As with most patterns I try for the first time, I followed the directions and all the while I was making mental notes (and verbal ones too) that this pattern was over complicating itself and I'm going to revamp it.

The second night was still productive, but in a different way. I labeled/priced/merchandised my doll clothes for consignment at the store:
My sign now hangs above it (and hopefully the rack is a little emptier)

Once that was done, I worked on a layout of my step-son. His grandmother had posted these pictures on Facebook a month or so after it happened, and I debated scrapbooking it since it was pictures of an open wound, but since it's now his "Harry Potter Scar", I did it anyways, and the close up pictures are tucked away in the green pockets and have big bandage pulls tabs with "Warning: Close up!"
"My Harry Potter Scar" - "November 2009 - Christian had to get stitches after getting hit by a rock when he surprised his cousin."

As of the moment, my sewing desk is cleared off in it's newest spot in the dining room, and I'm ready to get to sewing. No fabric tonight since I'm working on a scrapbook layout for work. 

Off to the sewing/scrapbooking desk....
Until next time...

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Anonymous said...

Get projects!! I love the apron! The colors are super fab!

And the page? Of course you should have scrapbooked that. Sometimes we have to scrapbook things that are not always pretty, but what a clever way to hide the more ghoulish pictures!!

And I laughed at the title, that is a winner!!