Friday, March 5, 2010

I think I found my way out of my sewing slump...

Okay, this sewing slump sucks. All of these patterns and fabric are just sitting and waiting and my sewing machine is beginning to gather dust.
I haven't been posting as much on my doll collector forums, just lurking and reading what looks interesting. I'm not losing my interest in AG at all (you should have heard me spouting off AG info at a scrapbooking class the other night, project is now pictured in link on previous post), but I just feel that I don't need to comment on everything. You know, only speak when you have something worthwhile to say.
Anyways....back on track...
Lurking around one of the boards the other day and I was pleasantly surprised to see Project Doll Runway is getting ready to start this year. Yep, it's an online Project Runway for AG collectors. I've kept up with it before, but I've always had too much on my sewing desk to try to participate. This year, PDR kicks off at a great time for me, even though I am backed up with special orders I am using PDR as inspiration to get my sewing creativity back on track.
Here's a link if you want to follow along:
Nothing much going on now, but here is last year's link if you want a better idea of what to expect:

So, after a little consideration I picked my doll. Then I sat down and wrote out different outfits I could make. Next, I dragged out all of my patterns and went through them 3 times picking out items to alter and look for more inspiration. I settled on the outfit I'd like to make, and then today was spent digging though my color sorted fabric stash for the right fabrics. I feel pretty good about my outfit, but am a little nervous since I've never competed in a sewing competition.
Wish me luck! I'll update with pictures as soon as I can.

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