Friday, March 19, 2010

PDR Round 1 - Judge's Review's are posted!

"Lindsey's volunteer outfit by gomunk
We like that this look incorporates the story, but wonder how realistic it is. Would she really have a lab coat, or would she just have grabbed an old pair of jeans and tshirt? The outfit is really well made, and the bright red of the pants seems to match Lindsey’s aestethic, but the black scrub top, while cute, seems a bit dull for Lindsey. The hat is a nice, but pretty unnecessary addition. More photos or a bit of an explanation could have changed our minds."

The votes are not done being tallied yet (there is still a little time left to vote if you can and haven't yet), but the judges have posted their reviews on all of their outfits. I take my review as constructive criticism and can see why they've said what they've said. 
It is true a 10 year old probably wouldn't don a lab coat as a volunteer, but I thought it was something Lindsey would enjoy wearing as she helped and it would make her feel more grown up (what 10 year old doesn't like feeling more grown up?).
I'm glad they like the bright red pants for Lindsey's personality. I think she looks great in red and it's not your average pant color and Lindsey is not your average girl.
I didn't think the black scrub top was too dull. I had another print (black paws on red) that I had picked out initially and had planned to pair it with khaki corduroy pants, but the outfit seemed too bland to me. Maybe the black fabric with colorful cat faces may have been a better choice, but I know Lindsey was partial to dogs, so I took a chance and went with dog face print. No regrets.
The hat is something I should have explained. I thought it would be something great for Lindsey to wear while she would be outside tending to or walking animals. Something fun shaped, fun colored (again, I love Lindsey in red), and something useful.
I agree, I should have taken more photos, especially of the back of the lab coat, or pictures outside. I like to think this is a really cute outfit (it's listed on right now in case you are interested in purchasing it), and I also feel it can work well as a Mix-and-Match set.
So, there's my feedback on the judge's feedback. All in all I feel I did pretty good and I am proud of myself for making something unique and original. 

My outfit for Round 2 is sketched, the pattern to be tweaked is cut out, and the fabric has been chosen and dug out of the Great Fabric Stash. Pictures to come once the Round 2 entries are posted on the 28th.
So, back to the sewing desk...

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Just A Work In Progress said...

I think your outfit is/was fantastic!! It's very creative and it looks great! By the 10 year old is a lover of animals and would put on a lab coat in an instant if she could!Can't wait to see what you create for Round 2 : )