Sunday, March 14, 2010

PDR Round 1 is posted!

After squeaking in a couple of hours before the deadline, I finished my outfit for Project Doll Runway, Round 1.
This is the doll Lindsey Bergman. When American Girl released her in 2001, she only had one outfit in her collection. So, I decided since in her story she has a love of all animals I would make an outfit for her to wear while volunteering at an animal clinic/shelter in a future/fanfic story.
Here's a link to Round 1 of the competition:
and here's my Picasa: and Facebook: albums for more pictures, details, and descriptions.

Now, to work on something for Round 2...


Anonymous said...

Love it Jeni!! I feel foolish now for thinking she was a doctor!

Gomunk said...

No prob Amber, I promise. The kids thought so too. My goal is to make sure the lab coat looks like a lab coat. I wanted to use animal themed buttons, but I though that would limit the sell-ability (?) so I made it plain so that when someone purchases it they can use it for whatever they want without the limits of animal buttons.