Thursday, February 25, 2010

My other creations....

As I've stated before, my other hobby is paper crafting. I finally snagged pictures of most of my layouts, but only a few of my other items like cards (I usually give them away before I can get a picture of them).
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Anonymous said...

Girl, you have come such a far way in such a small time with your scrapbooking! It took me a couple of years to get to your level!! I am so proud because I feel I had a part in your development!

I am so proud of you!! Your work is just beautiful!

Gomunk said...

Thanks Amber! That really means a lot. I still haven't finished the 2 page dog layout you helped me start, and I have a layout for Dylan's 2nd birthday that uses the same "cut and flip" technique. I'll post pictures once they are done, I promise.