Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Sewing Swap begins!

The other day I received my assignment for the Summer Sewing Swap on AG Playthings. I can't give too much detail, but I am super stoked about it. What I found really funny (in a good way) is that I asked for a 1940's outfit, and so did the person that was assigned to me.
So, the fabrics have been picked out, the patterns to mix and match have been picked out, and then the cutting began today.
Cutting out fabric is the hardest part of sewing. My hands and wrists have been hurting me a lot lately. Naproxen and Ibuprofen have been my best friends over the last few weeks. I have some padded braces I wear on my wrists/hands at night, and that helps since it keep me from curling my hands and wrists up while I sleep. I also use my paraffin wax to help ease the pain my hands.
 Now reading that last paragraph, you would think I was an old lady, right? Well, sorry to disappoint, but I'll be only be 28 in 2 months. So, it looks like I have about 60-70 more years of this. Really? Well, that just sucks.
My grandmother is almost 83 (she'll be 83 the day after I turn 28), and she still sews, crochets, and knits. About 10 years ago she was forced to retire from over 50 years of being an RN due to her back giving her problems. So now, she crafts during the week, and sells her wares and creations at a flea market on the weekends. She has arthritis too, and I know her hands give her trouble too, so I'm going to quit my bitching and just suck it up. Besides, the more you use it, the less it should hurt, right?
So, at the moment I'm taking a break from leaning over my table cutting out my fabric, but my back is feeling better already, so I'm headed back to the desk.
Maybe I can get my sweet hubby to do some of the cutting for me today. :)

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AlexAndrea said...

Rheumatoid arthritis?

My Life Drawing instructor at Sophie Newcomb College was only 24 years old and suffering greatly. We were the same age and I felt pain for her. She never missed a class. She was an inspiring teacher and I always gave her my best effort with amazing results!

About a year ago, I started feeling pain and weakness in my thumb joints. At 67, I consider myself blessed.