Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Now available in Canada!

So, over the weekend I got an Etsy message from another member asking if I would be willing to ship to Canada. I didn't have it available on my listings since I wasn't sure how to calculate it. Well, I got it all figured out, and I now ship to Canada! I ship USPS First Class to Canada since shipping via USPS Priority is at least $20. For the United States I still prefer to ship via USPS Priority Mail.
So, the member who contacted me had good reason for it, she wanted 4 of my outfits. So on Monday afternoon I dropped off the Nutcracker Fritz costume, the Medieval inspired princess dress, the Polo shirt and pleated skirt set, and the 1824 Southwestern set.

I've been working on a new Popover Dress pattern from Oliver+S. My first attempt came out too snug since I didn't adjust the scale when printing. That error resulted in a Pop Her Head Off to Pop it Over Her Torso Dress instead of a Popover Dress. The end result is still cute, but I'm going to offer it for slim 18" dolls like Magic Attic and such.
Here it is on my "skinny" AG Elizabeth (the newer ones are slimmer than the older ones):

I think I may just cut the back open and insert some Velcro so it's much easier to get it off and on.

Going to try to get the opposite fabric version done this week, and will post it if I do. During one of our storms over the weekend I was able to get several items cut out, so it will be much easier to get things done this week since all I have to do it reach into my In Progress box and pick something.

Until next time...

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