Saturday, March 26, 2011

I caved

So today, I caved in. The contractors have been gone all week, and I have heard nothing from my landlord about the rest of the work.
So, today, I got frustrated enough to unpack my sewing room from the closet, move the cat box into the closet where is belongs, and I set my sewing/dining room up the way it was before the renovations started.
And to top it off, I actually got some sewing done. The first thing I did was a secret sewing project with one of my boys. We made a set of pillows that are going to be a gift. They are soooooo cool! He helped by stuffing them. Well, he picked out the fabric and the project too. I can't post pictures yet, but once the recipient gets them, I'll post pictures. Here's a hint, I used my Cricut to cut out the image I appliqu├ęd onto the front. Cricut + Heat & Bond = Awesome! So awesome in fact that I'm working on an idea to teach a class on it.
Once the pillows were done, I finished cutting out the last pieces for a 30's romper and started sewing it. It's around halfway done right now, and I hope to finish it tomorrow. Only 3 weeks until the craft fair! EEEK!

Until next time...

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