Monday, March 14, 2011

Redesigned the blog again!

So, the polka dots just aren't cutting it for me anymore. I looked through what Blogger had to offer, and after narrowing it down to a few background images, I settled on this floral print. The first thing that caught my attention was the color. Another thing that I love is that it is simple and elegant.

So, nothing new in sewing today. I packed up my sewing room when I got back from taking the kids to school. Everything is now in my pantry/storage closet, except my table, chairs, and desk. The white shelf is from my laundry/storage room outside that is still being worked on.
**super sad face**
So, last night while I was clearing off my desk and table I set aside my current projects (patterns and fabrics) and packed up all of creations for next month's Craft Fair. This morning as I packed everything into my my little pantry/sewing room I left my projects and my sewing machine towards the front. Why? Because tomorrow I'm heading to Charleston Scrapbooking to hang out with the ladies there and get some sewing done while the contractors are working my house.
Wednesday is my Momma's birthday, and we have a lunch date (she has a cake decorating class that evening). I'm not going to say how old she is, but what I will tell you is that she doesn't act or look her age.
Speaking of birthday's, my youngest son's birthday is Sunday. We are celebrating on Saturday with an Angry Birds theme. My little monster is quite addicted to this game, and hey, it's educational since it teaches about angles and such. Yeah, we'll go with that. He'll have a green pig cake (3D pig) accompanied by "bird" decorated cupcakes. We are planning on using a green ball pinata and decorating it as a pig, and then filling it with Easter eggs full of candy. Game concept: Pigs steal bird eggs, birds get angry, and birds launch themselves at pigs. If you aren't familiar with this addictive little game, search on Google, and you'll be hooked.
If I haven't said it yet, I'll say it now: I AM SO READY FOR THESE RENOVATIONS TO BE DONE!!!

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Oh, how great to do remodelation.