Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Over a month since my last post...

Wow, it really has been over a month since my last post. Things have been busy here, especially with the holiday season. I'm sure you guys can understand the chaos of the holidays. I'm finally 90% unpacked from our November move and all of my sewing and doll items have found their new places in my new house. The lack of a separate room for my dolls and sewing has proved to be a challenge, but I feel confident everything has a place and everything is in it's place. I was able to take some pictures this morning, but my new camera (14 megapixels, YAY!) doesn't have a rechargeable battery so I will have to wait until I can get one before I finish the pictures. My old camera (5 MP) has been passed down to my son who turned 7 on Saturday. He was very excited to have his very own "grown up" camera. He's quite the photographer, so I'm excited to see what develops (get it? LOL).
So, I had closed down my Gomunk Creations shop over the holidays for a couple of reasons. I'm still recovering from my October car accident, I had A LOT of unpacking to do when we moved in November, and then came the annual holiday chaos. I've been able to prewash two or four loads of fabric a few days ago, which was really fun since it was the first time fabric had touched my sewing machine since right before Halloween. It felt so good to play with fabric again. Tomorrow morning, after I get my husband off to work and my oldest on the school bus I plan on sitting down at my sewing machine and working on some of my backlogged special orders. Here's what is on my list:
- 1/2 Harry Potter robe
- 1/2 suede and fur jacket
- three pioneer dresses

I'm sure there are others, but right now I'm at my husband's (aka my webmaster) computer and my To Sew List is on my computer which is currently recovering from a virus.
So, 6am comes early, I'm off to bed. May images of thread, patterns, and fabric dance in my head.

Sew long for now! Hehehe


Anonymous said...

Good to see you are back to posting! Hope the birthday party on Sunday was fun! Sorry I had to miss it.

I totally understand about being behind the eight ball. I feel that is my permanent spot in life.

Bobbi said...

Love your dolls,im a follower.

kizzie said...

I know exactly how you feel. Still recovering from my accident almost 2 years ago. My sewing area is the kitchen table for now, until we can move to a bigger home. :) And my mom and I did 5 loads of fabric yesterday! LOL :)