Friday, January 15, 2010

Almost nothing accomplished...

It's been over a week since my last blog. I planned to have at least something done by now. And what have I sewn since then? Nothing! I'm not sure what the issue it, but whatever it is, I don't like it. I'm not sure what it is, but I think I have an idea of a reason or two:
1. Still trying to unpack the last few boxes (I've opened all of them now, and have sat the last few to the side since it's mostly paperwork I have to file, knick knacks that don't have a home yet, and other misc. items that have no home yet).
2. Still have low energy since the accident. I get tired easily, and after taking care of the kids/work all day, and the gym some nights, I'm beat. My energy level has been picking up finally, and I hope it continues on it's upward trend.
3. The placement of my sewing machine. My sewing machine is on my sewing desk (with my computer) right next to my bed. So that means I can only sewing when everyone is awake, but my most creative time of day is after bedtime. I may have to resort to hauling my machine downstairs to the dining room table when I want to sew and everyone is asleep. Thankfully my machine is lightweight. I was planning to move to to the dining room table when I started curtains since my desk doesn't have enough room for such big projects.
My sewing supplies are scattered upstairs, but I tried to group them together to make it easy on myself. All of my immediate notions (scissors, needles, pins, rulers, etc.) are in my sewing desk. Patterns and notions such as trim, ribbons, buttons, embellishments, etc. are in the closet tight outside my bedroom. Fabric is stored in the two closets that are in my boys' room (boxed by color and each stack of boxes is color coded too).

So, now, onto what I have accomplished since my last post.

Upon finally finding my sewing scissors a couple of weeks ago, I also found my scrap box and my box of in-process/"needs redone" items. With the few times I have turned my machine on, I've tried to fix some flaws on items that are completed and finish some items that are nearly done. My current inventory is located at Red Barn Flea Market in Augusta, GA in my grandmother's booth. She's trying to sell what has been sitting in my inventory for a while. I'm still trying to get my husband/webmaster to delete all of the items on my For Sale page, since it's all in Georgia with Grandma (including my #12 - Stephanie Jo).
I'm trying to get caught up on some special orders, and depending on when those are complete determines what I start working on next. Hopefully it's not swimsuit season by then. :-)

I set up some dolls in my displays today and yesterday. It was nice to be able to pick up a doll and brush their hair today after all of the household stuff got done. I'm still adamant that I don't play with dolls; my dolls are just for display and photographing purposes nowadays. Here's my new displays:

And here's the album with a few more pictures: January 2010 Display

I'm still learning how to use the new camera, as you can see in a few of the pictures, but overall, I'm loving it!

Until next time...
(Straight stitch, to inspire me to sew something soon.)

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Anonymous said...

I like how you have each scene set up in a different room! Quite clever!