Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy September!

September is my favorite time of year. First off, it has my birthday (And my sweet hubby gave me my present, Chrissa, early as usual). Then there are other family birthdays (Heather and Grandma). Then there is Back to School, which I loved as a kid, but now that I'm a parent it is bittersweet. Then there are the cooler temperatures, the crisp air, and the leaves changing colors. And lastly, it signifies that Halloween is right around the corner. EEK!!!

Yes, I said EEK!!! EEK because I still have a lot of sewing to get done: for dolls, Mom, kids, and dogs. Harry Potter themed outfits for the dolls and Mom, pirates for the kids, and Superman sets for the dogs. And of course EEK for the excitement and fun that Halloween brings.
I still have some special orders to finish up but I'm going to multitask on the Harry Potter themed outfits that were ordered when my last set sold out so quickly over Summer.
My website is in need of an update, but I have updated my For Sale posts on AGFans and AGPlaythings, and have everything in a Picasa album too, click here.
So, it's back to the sewing desk. Until next time...


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Anonymous said...

Hoping for a hairy scary Halloween too! Can't wait to see those pirate outfits for the boys! Make sure to post some pictures!!