Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Two new items - 1970's Button Down Shift Dresses

Button Down Shift Dresses! How 70's is that? In a Sew-a-Long challenge on one of my online American Girl collector forums a pattern was chosen, and we all took it from there. Here's my results:

Made of polyester, it came out really snug in the hips, even after I took out the darts. Nicki is one of my slimmest dolls, with a 12" circumference at the top of her leg openings.

This one I made out of cotton, did a single fold on the front closure and left out the darts, and it fits Molly (my biggest girl) just fine, except there is some extra room in the chest, so I could have used the dart, but only about halfway done the original dart measurement.

I haven't listed them for sale yet since I'm still working on the descriptions, but they're available and will be listed soon (unless someone buys them before I can list them, which would save my hands from typing).

Until next time...
(zig-zag stiching)

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