Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Belated Labor Day!

This three day weekend has been a blast for the most part. Friday afternoon I went to my local scrapbook store to help them get ready for their soft opening the next day. 14 hours later, 5 hours before opening, it looked great! Scrapbooking is a new hobby for me, but it doesn't come close to sewing. I consider it more of a secondary hobby, but it's just as fun. In a lot of way it's like sewing:
paper = fabric (so many choices for both)
layouts = patterns (both are guides really)
adhesives = thread (you have to use the right ones to get the right effect)
embellishments = notions (same difference and some can be used for both)

Both hobbies are a ton of fun! I have met so many great people full of lots of information between both hobbies, and I don't see myself growing out of either hobby anytime soon.

So, Saturday, I slept in (since I didn't get home until 5:30am from the scrapbook store - I was exhausted, but it was so worth it) and had a lazy day with my husband and my boys.

Sunday, Mom, me, and the boys made a surprise trip to Georgia to see my grandma. For those who haven't met her, my grandmother is awesome. She'll be 81 on the 17th (the day after my birthday and two days after my younger sister's birthday) and the woman can sew, knit, and crochet up a storm. She still hand quilts, but not as much lately. Most of her sewing now is bonnets, aprons, and blue jean purses. She made me a blue jean doll tote for my birthday in 2007, and I am still hoping it wasn't among the items that got lost in the move from North Carolina to South Carolina.
Grandma has a booth at a flea market and that is where she sells her wares. When we got into town on Sunday, she was already there, so we just went straight there. She was very surprised to see us. We haven't seen her since Memorial Day, and when I walked up to her, she was thrown off a little by my new hair cut. She was glad to see us and we were glad to see her. This woman taught me almost all that I know about sewing, and I still call her to ask her questions and get her opinions on sewing and crocheting. I still can't knit like she does yet, but I'll get there one day.
One of my aunts gave Grandma a huge fabric stash from her Mother-in-Law, and once Grandma picked out what she wanted (mostly cottons) she let me have what I wanted out of the rest of it. I didn't realize just how much Grandma had leftover. I walked out with four Force Flex trash bags stuffed full of fabrics, including silks and wool, neither of which I had any of in my collection. Living in the Southeast, you really don't have a need for wool, therefore finding it in the local fabric stores proves to be quite the challenge. I have no pictures yet as everything is being prepped for pre-wash.

I spent yesterday home sick with what I think is a mild case of the flu, and my husband was a great caregiver. I caught it from him, and he was able to get away with an "I told you so..." and yeah, he was right.

So, no sewing has been done in days, and I really need to get into overdrive to get everything done by Halloween. I'll be taking volunteers to cut out the fabric pieces I trace out and I'll even cook for you.

Until next time,
(blind hem stitch)

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Anonymous said...

WoW!! Four bags of fabric!! Sweet!!

Glad to hear your trip was good. I haven't spoken to your Mom since y'all headed dowm there.

The Pink House looks great, btw....y'all rocked the hell out of that place Friday night/Saturday morning. Wish I could've been there to help longer.....

Oh, I am doing the Scrap Pink crop on Sunday....when are you doing it? Your mother said she may do all three and Brandy is working the Saturday one.

Talk to you soon doll!!