Monday, October 13, 2014

A week of interruption in the craft room

So, since August, we've had a water leak under our kitchen floor. Because we live on a slab, it wasn't diagnosed until September, and then it was finally fixed last week. How did they fix it? Well, instead of tearing up the tile in the kitchen, they cut off the supply that goes under the house and rerouted it through the attic. Not a bad idea, since they are using a plastic tube instead of copper, plus m
y water will stay warmer since the attic is always warm.
So, since they had to bring the new pipes down from the attic, they had to tear into three walls that lead to the bathrooms. Ugh. So, they cut a hole in my master bath rooms, and two holes each on two of my craft room walls. Why my craft room, well, those walls are against both bathrooms, and both bathrooms have tile walls, so again they were trying to avoid cutting tile.
Great. Just great. There went my plans of crafting while they were working on the pipes. Sigh, So, as soon as the guy gets here he looks at everything and decides my room is the ideal place, and the wall where my 30+ dolls are is the first wall that needs cut into. EEK! So, thankfully my youngest one was home sick (not sick sick, but recuperating from a fever and wicked cough), so he and I grabbed my dolls in twos and threes and laid them on top of a sheet covering the dining room table and then covered them with another sheet to protect them from any drywall dust (I'm SO thankful that I did since my dining room is right next to the laundry room, which is where they actually started cutting into first). Next was all of the stuff on the other wall including my dresser full of ribbon. So, everything came down off the wall and was tucked away on the other side of my room and covered with more sheets. I'm glad I did that, since drywall dust went everywhere, but I made the mistake and took the sheets off of the stuff in my craft room too early and when the painter was sanding the patching he sent more drywall dust everywhere. Ugh. So, everything got a wipedown before it was reorganized and/or put away. Luckily the only casualty of my sheet covering rush was a corner of the glass in a 12x12 frame. All in all I have to say that was not too shabby,
I was able to get my room back together on Saturday, which was great since yesterday my youngest one had a birthday party to attend (totally off topic, but it was his first time on a go cart, and he drove it all by himself, three times!)
Here are some pictures of my room during and after.

In progress. They also had to cut into the wall that faces the door (where the picture was taken from)

99% done. If you look closely above the dresser, you can see two large squares of discoloration where they patched and painted.

My desk back in working order.

Now I can get back to work! Yay!

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