Sunday, April 29, 2012

A dress for Felicity

I've been participating in the historical Sew Along's on AG Playthings. We are working through the historical dolls in chronological order. I shared my highly modified Vogue pattern for Kaya back in January/February. For March/April, the theme is Felicity and Elizabeth. I finished this dress last Wednesday and it is currently for sale on Etsy.

Yesterday I started another Colonial dress and it's already close to being finished. I was able to spend the entire day in my craft room yesterday. I got a few things organized in my sewing section and a few things labeled in my scrapbooking section. My craft room is almost photo ready.

Between projects I've been working on cleaning and repairing a few dolls. This has been my first venture into working on porcelain dolls.

My hands have been doing better for the most part. My nerve study went well last week according to the neurologist, and my hand doctor and I will go over the results on Tuesday. So far it looks like I won't need surgery! I've been doing physical therapy twice a week for a few weeks and I'm really seeing an improvement. I also received Cortizone shots a few weeks ago and after the initial few days of pain, I'm feeling better too.

So today I'm planning to spend the day in my craft room again. I love lazy weekends!

-Until next time...

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Catholic Bibliophagist said...

This is beautiful! Did you design the pattern yourself?