Thursday, August 19, 2010

Look what I got!

My outfit from my Sewing Swap on AG Playthings arrived today. Well, technically yesterday, but a CERTAIN SOMEONE slept through the mailman knocking on the door while I was at the gym. So, after some morning chaos, I finally got to head to the post office and pick up my package. Here's what I got, a 3 in 1 outfit for my 1904 Nellie:
1. Bathing Costume

2. School Outfit

3. After School outfit

Such attention to detail! I love the striped seersucker, the embroidery, the buttons, and the trim.


Anonymous said...

Cute outfit!! I know the one you did was awesome because I saw it with my own two eyes!!

I was thinking about buying a new sewing machine and if I do I would like either you or your mother to help me pick one out. Sound good?

Gomunk said...

Thanks Amber! And yes, of course I would love to help you pick out a new machine. Now, one word of warning, new machines have a lot more plastic in them than old ones. That being said, with my two Brother machines (one is about 7 years old) I love them and the only reason I have two is because the older one only does straight and zig-zag, and I wanted something that did decorative stitching and a one step button-hole.
BTW, Donna Downey's boook Fabric Scrapbooking, I LOVE IT!!!! The amount of loot that came back for me from CKC was astounding! You guys rock and I feel totally loved by such good friends.