Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Vendor Booth and PDR: Final Round

Today I signed up for a Vendor Booth at my local Scrapbooking store, Charleston Scrapbooking. I'm so excited! I'll be there all day Saturday with my inventory, my sewing machine, and I'm even going to have a design contest for a chance to win a free Gomunk Creation. I'll see how well this contest plays out locally, and if all goes well I'll do it again for my online fans.
My outfit for the final round of Project Doll Runway is coming along pretty well, and I'm working on the finishing touches this week and it will be available for sale at my booth on Saturday.
So, my laptop is dying, and I'm off to bed. Lots to do tomorrow and Friday...


Just A Work In Progress said...

Good luck this weekend! I know you'll have a great time. Always a great time when you're surrounded by friends : ) Your outfits are fantastic by...the...way!!!

Gomunk said...

Thanks Ashley! This is only my second time selling offline so I'm hopping it goes well. I wish you could be up here this weekend, you'd have a blast. We're using a different suite on the other side of Moe's and it's massive. The crop room alone is the size of the current suite, plus there are smaller rooms for classes and a ton of sales floor space. It's supposed to be a permanent move sometime soon so you'll have to check it out next time you are in town.

The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

We would like to get the canon Rebel too .. we have a Canon powershot we love it too .. it was a little cheaper than the rebel ..

Hope you get one soon .. not having a camera is a royal pain for sure. Sorry you are not having things to do and are bored. We seldom get bored around here .. but sometimes.

Ta Ta,

Just A Work In Progress said... was it?!?!!! Mom seemed to have a blast except that she was pooped! LOL Also, I was wondering how the PDR was going? When is the deadline and all that jazz? I can't wait to see the final outfit!! I hope you're having a Happy Mother's Day! Tell your Mom hello for me!