Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Playing with polka dots

Welcome to the Gomunk Creations blog!

This layout is the closest thing I could find to my purple and green color scheme, plus I've been eyeballing and picking up quite a few polka dot fabrics. One of the polka dot fabrics made it's way into 2 doll dresses as gifts for Mother's Day (one for Mom and one for Buddy Holly). No pictures yet as I am having to borrow my hubby's computer while mine is in timeout for wireless issues. I guess a description will have to suffice. Both dress are basic knee length dresses with cap sleeves in a black with hot pink polka dot cotton. Dress #1 has a black and to pink flower trim over pink lace trim at the hem; Dress #2 has hot pink beaded fringe trim on the hem. Dress #3 is in the process, but it's been put on the back of the sewing desk since I'm working on some exciting special orders. Items I'm currently working on are 1940's boy clothes, pioneer sunbonnet, brown suede hooded coat, and finally Bitty Baby clothes.

That's right, you've read the correctly: Bitty Baby clothes. Buddy Holly and her miniature accomplice have finally convinced me to dive into the world of Bitty Baby and Bitty Twin clothes. I'm not sure if this will be a permanent adventure or just an experiment, but I've already purchased an adorable Bitty Baby of my own as a sewing model, so I could be a goner. Luckily, my ever growing fabric stash for the 18 inch crowd will work for the Bitty Crowd too since Buddy Holly's Bitty will be wearing more of a toddler wardrobe, rather than a newborn wardrobe.

Well, back to the sewing machine.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
(stitches, get it?)

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