Thursday, June 18, 2009

Going on an out of town fabric run!

When we moved to South Carolina in December, we had to leave the rather large fabric stash in North Carolina. For those who sew, you know being without fabric makes for a sad seamstress. For those who don't sew, fabric is an addiction, and fabric withdrawal makes for a sad seamstress.
Since moving to South Carolina, I've found that the fabric choice is different, and while I am able to find a lot of cotton prints (my favorite thing to work with), I've had difficulty finding other fabrics suitable for other projects (such as jackets, formal dresses, and costumes). Once my fabric stash arrives, opening my fabric closet will be like walking into my own personal fabric store again. I'm so excited!

So, what does this mean for my fans? Here's the breakdown:
More fabric = more inspiration
more inspiration = more designs
more designs = more cute doll clothes
more cute doll clothes = happy customers
happy customers = happy Gomunk
happy Gomunk = more fabric
... and the cycle continues

My special orders are rolling along, but due to this weekend's out of town adventure, I'm taking a break for a few days to prep the house before we leave, and will take a few days to unpack once we get back. The 1940 boy clothes went in the mail today, some of the Bitty clothing will be delivered while in North Carolina this weekend, and then it's back to the sewing machine.

Until next time!

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