Thursday, March 28, 2013

Finally, a new house, and a new craft room.

Watch "New house, new craft room." on YouTube

After 4 years, I am finally back in a house after being in an apartment and I have an actual craft room again. Please excuse my nasally voice and my sniffles, my allergies are acting up since the pollen is our in full force.

We got the keys to and a half weeks ago, and this is the last, and hardest room to unpack. When we started moving this was the first room I pack there was so much stuff. I still have so much more to be moved in here, let alone unpacked. So much stuff and so little time and space.

Hi, my name is Jenifer and I'm addicted to dolls,fabric, frogs, and scrapbook stuff. Lol! Luckily, my frogs are not displayed in my craft room, they are displayed throughout the house.


Anonymous said...

How are we supposed to view the video if it is marked "private" you silly girl!!

So excited for you. The house is really great and cannot wait to see what you do with your new craft room!!


Gomunk said...

LOL! Oops! I had no clue that it did that. All better now. :)