Monday, February 27, 2012

Civil War Era Dresses

Hey Bloggers!

I'm sorry that it has been two weeks since I've updated. It has been busy around here. The dress that I was working on in the last post was finished and sold the next day. It was only on Etsy for 2 hours! A quick sale like that makes for a very happy seamstress. :)
Here is how it turned out:

Since it sold so quickly, I used the same pattern and made another dress that was listed on the 19th and it sold the next day. I changed up the ribbon placement.
Here it how it turned out:

I bought a new pattern, the Heritage Wrap Dress pattern from Liberty Jane. I'm working on leading a Sew Along on AG Dollhouse with it starting on March 1st. Yesterday I finished and listed this dress:

Here is the listing: Spring Green Wrap Top Dress

Now I am working on another Civil War Era dress using a different pattern from the same person that made the pattern I used for the first two dresses.

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