Monday, August 8, 2011

Productive while being sick? Yep

I can't believe I haven't updated my blog since my weekend trip to GA.
Here's a brief rundown for that weekend;
Friday: have lunch with hubby at his work and swap cars. Drive. Stop right outside of Columbia to help with a car accident for 2 hours. Drive. Hang out with Grandma.
Saturday: Attend services for the Colonel in Atlanta. Lunch with friend from school and his family in Athens. Stop by High School Reunion in Madison for an hour. Pick up my little man from his grandparents between Madison and Greensboro. Stop for dinner at Waffle House in Greensboro. Hang out with Grandma.
Sunday: Hang out with Grandma and leave after lunch. Drive. Arrive home in time for dinner. Sleep.

I literally went non-stop that weekend.

Since then, I've been pretty creative. I have made an outfit for the Sewing Swap on AG Playthings. I am participating in a Sewing Swap on AG Dollhouse too, but once I read my assignment, I knew I had the perfect outfit in stock, so that is what I'll be sending. It's still something that I made, and it is perfect for what they asked for, so I'm pretty happy. I hope the recipient is too.

I woke up sick on Thursday. I went to the doctor, thinking it was Strep Throat, and after a swab test and a CBC, they said it wasn't and that it was probably just a virus. I spent the rest of the day feeling like crap, and Friday was only slightly better. Over the weekend I've been slowly getting better. And somehow, even though I felt like total crap, I was able to sit down at my sewing desk and complete two dresses that I had cut out weeks ago and that have been sitting in my In Progress Box since then. I took pictures of them today and listed them on Etsy already.

I've made this pattern before:

I have another one cut out and will try to get to it next. It's a purple print with pink hems, bodice, and pockets.

Oh, there's just 1 more week until the kids go back to school! I must make myself get more sewing done this school year than I did last school year.

Until next time....

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