Monday, November 22, 2010

Live from Denver, Colorado!

Hi guys!

Mini Molly and I made a cross country road trip with my sister and her two little dogs. We left Charleston, South Carolina Friday morning, took a break in Little Nashville, Illinois, and then arrived in Denver, Colorado Saturday night.
There were a lot of neat little places along the way, but with the dogs and wanting to get to Denver as soon as possible, we didn't stop. I made the mistake of not charging my camera before we left, so I missed a few pictures along the way since I had to change my camera batteries four times. Once we arrived in Denver I stopped to pick up rechargable batteries and a charger. I still have pictures to take, including Thanksgiving with the family, and I won't be able to get my charger until I get home on Wednesday night.

It's beautiful here! Cold, but beautiful. I can see why my sister loves it here, and I think she will fit in nicely in her new city.

My sister and I went by the American Girl store yesterday. The last time I went to an American Girl store was 3 years ago when I went to see my sister when she lived in Atlanta and we were celebrating our birthdays. The store was nice, and only after we left did I notice it was only a boutique and not a bistro too. Made me a little sad, but on the upside, they has a lot more room for displays and merchandise, so it evened out. I picked up a few store exclusives and some new glasses, and stayed under budget. I only chose to put one thing back that I picked up, and that was Kit's Nighttime Accessories. They are really cute, but the set put me over my budget and it was too bulky to fit into my already full bookbag that I am taking on the plane with me. My whole time there and I got two pictures: one on the way in, and one on the way out.
This one was taken with my phone, and the other was taken with my camera. I'm able to upload pics straight from my phone, but since I won't have internet on my laptop until tonight (I'm using my sister's right now), I'll have to wait on those.
Here's a link to the pictures I've uploaded so far, and I'll upload more pics to the album once I get my internet up and running: Picasa Road Trip From SC To Colorado

I've been looking at the fashion here to, and loking at how it differs from the fashion of the Southeast. I found a great outfit at Urban Outfitters, and I plan to make a doll sized version of it. I'll post a pic of that too when I get my laptop connected to the net.

Until next time....
(yellow lines in the middle of the road)

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