Friday, October 23, 2009

Two Weeks

It's been two weeks since my last post. I made that post first thing in the morning after my oldest left for school. 14 hours later, my children and I were hit head on by a drunk driver. Thankfully the only injuries were to me. Besides the usual seatbelt rash, my back, left hip, and right knee were bruised and aching.
I mention this incident on my sewing blog because due to the physical pain and emotional stress of this whole ordeal, my sewing has taken a back seat. Sewing is thearputic to my mind, body, and soul, but since the accident it's been hard to sit at the sewing machine and stand to iron. I have my good days and bad days, but even though I may feel better at times, those are the times I over do myself and end up in more pain than if I had just taken it easy.
What can I say? I'm a stubborn fabric addict seamstress with Halloween special orders to fill. I was able to get two orders in the mail the other day, my next order is ready to ship once payment arrives, and the order after that is waiting for 2 out of 4 robes.
Once these are done I have 3 more special orders to do and then I'm taking a break for a good cause. One of the doll collector message boards I frequent does a Chirstmas Basket (or several) every year, and every year I like to donate some items. I love being able to make young kids who don't have much feel like they are special and get a great gift that they desire. Most of the baskets we put together include a doll (brand new or very gently used but fixed up to look brand new), outfits, accessories, hair things, books, etc. It's not even Halloween yet and I've already got a list of stuff I've already made that I'm sending: doll sized Christmas stockings, crocheted items, two doll sized Christmas quilts, and some hair clips. Once the nominated girls are chosen and we find out what dolls they are recieving I'd like to make an outfit for each doll. I might be making too big a plan for myself, but I'm going to Aim High (Go Air Force!) and try. There are several other seamstresses donating items too, so if I don't reach my goal, I know I'll have some help. On another board of the same type there is another Christmas Basket for 4-5 girls in the works, and I'd like to make some stuff for them too. Yeah, I might be spreading myself a bit too thin, but these Christmas Baskets mean a lot to me. I may need some help ini gettng all of this done, and so far my biggest helper is my sweet husband. I trace the pattern peices onto the fabric and he does a lot of cutting for me, and it is a huge help, especially when I'm in "Mass Production Mode" like I am right now making wizard robes based on a currently famous book/movie series. Yes, you're thinking of the right one. It's hard to belive that book series came out when I was in High School, and when a friend of mine showed me the first of what would eventually become seven books I brushed it off as a child's book until I actually read it. Now my wizard robes are my biggest seller. I enjoy making the robes, but I do enjoy a little variety in fabrics and patterns, so I'm anxious to get the rest of these robes done so I can move onto the rest of my projects.
Whew, that's quite a bit more than I expected to type, but after not blogging for two weeks, I figured you guys deserved to know what was going on.
Until next time...

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